About Us

Opus Inspection, with its subsidiary Envirotest, is a multi-national company with over 1,100 employees dedicated exclusively to motor vehicle inspection.

Opus Inspection is a fully vertically integrated company with operations in 22 of the United States and several countries. Building on an unmatched record of success and customer satisfaction, Opus Inspection has become the industry leader in providing professionally managed solutions for centralized and decentralized I/M programs that apply leading edge technology to data management, safety and emissions testing equipment, on-road Remote Sensing, and wireless Remote OBD monitoring.

Opus Inspection manages 7 centralized vehicle inspection programs in the U.S., far more than the rest of the industry combined.

Opus Inspection manages more decentralized inspection stations than any of our competitors. Among others we just implemented the New York State emission testing program (NYVIP2) December 1, 2013, which including building and installing nearly 10,000 inspection anlayzers, and started managing the Virginia emission testing program on January 1, 2014.

Opus Inspection manages international inspection programs in Mexico, Perú, Bermuda and Sweden.

Our roots go deep, representing nearly 40 years of I/M industry innovation. In 1974, we were the first company to provide computerized emissions analyzer testing systems for vehicle inspection programs. In 1976, we began the first contractor managed vehicle inspection program in the US. Our System1 Gen3 inspection system, designed in 2013, is our most current generation of computerized inspection equipment and it provides state-of-the-art accuracy and reliable functionality.

Opus Inspection provides a full complement of program management services for our vehicle inspection clients. We work in partnership with government agencies to manage any or all aspects of their regulated programs. These services are applicable to both centralized and decentralized vehicle inspection station networks.

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ISO 14001 Certified (click here to view current certificate)

We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation at local, regional and international levels as they relate to our environmental aspects, and strive to continually improve our environmental performance.

We will demonstrate these commitments through continual improvement initiatives, measurements, controls, provision of resources, and employee training.

Opus Inspection is committed to the prevention of pollution. We will strive to reduce the adverse environmental impacts associated with our activities, products, and services.

Centralized Inspection Programs

Centralized networks are owned and operated by a single entity, which can be a government agency or Opus Inspection under a contract to the agency. Centralized program management services typically follow a “design, build, and

operate” (DBO) model wherein Opus Inspection provides all of the initial capital funding along with the expertise to locate an appropriate number of fully equipped and staffed inspection stations that will provide both geographic and demographic convenience

to the motoring public.

Decentralized Inspection Programs

Decentralized networks of inspection stations are owned and operated by independent businesses. Decentralized program management services typically involve qualification of inspection stations; provision of equipment and telecommunication connectivity; and heavy emphasis on quality assurance and auditing to control and reduce inspection fraud.

By contracting with Opus Inspection, our clients can obtain complete turn-key solutions for vehicle inspection, or specific elements of their program requirements delivered by our experienced, dedicated team, whichever best meets their needs.